Today's telecommunication challenges often involve more than the interior cable plant. TCE Technologies is ready to meet any telecom challenge for small or large pair count cables, direct burial and self supporting aerial figure 8 cable, Copper or fiber... our skilled staff is experienced in all phases of an outside plant installation. We have the experience, the personnel and the equipment needed in order to fulfill your project requirements. 


Trenching... No problem.   

Concrete slab cutting or coring... No problem.

  Laying outdoor duct enclosures or conduit banks... No problem.    



Let TCE Technologies be your technology consultant during the design and construction phase of your project. Our expertise does not end here... TCE Technologies has experience in wireless technology, legacy switching, PBX's  configuration, trouble shooting and MRO procedural practices. Our experience is your competitive edge against emerging future business technologies. 

Because the last thing your business needs is downtime due to inexperienced telecommunications engineers. 




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